Perfect Pop is the next generation of frozen treat molds   


You will love serving frozen treats with the Perfect Pop. Imagine letting your kids enjoy a frozen treat inside your house without mess or waste. No more tears over broken and melted pops.  Just put your melting pop back in the cup and enjoy like a slush. If it melts completely, pop the cap and drink it.  Get creative with your kids to make healthy, homemade pops.  Use the petite molds and let your favorite flavors be your inspiration!

our  story

Our story began over a decade ago when our son was 2 years old.  An invitation to a party where I was asked to bring Popsicles started us on a journey to find a way to enjoy frozen treats without sticky hands, stained clothes, tears, meltdowns or mess.  Like all good things, the Perfect Pop had a humble beginning as it started in my pantry and with luck, it will be in yours too!

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mess free  .  waste free  .  flexible  .   portable  .   re-freezable  

Perfect Pop

  • mess free and waste free 
  • designed to make any size treat 
  • you can enjoy them whether they stay frozen or not
  • mold converts to a cup and straw
  • use petite pop molds for making shaped pops and two flavor pops
  • use for serving smoothies, milkshakes or any cold beverage

the perfect way to enjoy frozen treats

    homemade popsicles  Ice Pop molds  popsicle mold 

the perfect way to enjoy frozen treats

​The Perfect Pop will revolutionize homemade frozen treats.  Perfect Pops unique design lets you enjoy a frozen treat without mess or waste, even if it melts completely!